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See-Ya in the History Books 2016

As 2016 closes out, and we begin to think and plan for 2017 we thought we would pause to remember just how crazy and unpredictable 2016 actually was. Every year we see a lot Pop Culture up’s and downs, but no one was prepared for Prince, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali (The GOAT), Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Gene Wilder, Pokemon Go (We are still stumped by this), US wins Rio Olympics (Did you see the pool?), Chicago Cubs break 108 year World Series Slump (68 Years for the Cleveland Indians- we will never see a match up like that again), Brexit (Whoa!), straight-up Politic frenzy, and housing market boom.

Whew, that was exhausting and it wasn’t even close to scratching the surface. Now, what should we plan for in 2017? Better you, Better me, Less Stress, More Fun, More adventure? Just remember, in 365 days you will be in the same thought process thinking about what your year accomplished. Next year, instead of thinking through Pop Culture make the most of 2017 and replace that list with one of your own.

After all, you hold the pen to the history that hasn’t been written yet.