Moving Made Easy.

It’s finally here! This week we have our very first move-ins. In honor of this, below are a few moving lessons I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

1) Save your boxes for at least two moves. Small and sturdy is the way to go. Not only will they last twice as long, but it will ironically take half the time to move since they are lighter.

2) You can move hanging clothes without the hassle, bulk, or cost of hanging them inside a box. Just get the largest trash bag you can find, pull it around hanging clothes from the bottom, then cinch up the top so the hangers don't fall in. Once you get the bundle here to your new home, you can just hang the entire collection at once in your new closet.

3) This should go without saying, but be sure you LABEL boxes that you do use. Label as you go, and be detailed with what’s in each box. Don’t ask me how I forgot to be specific on which one my Keurig was in.

4) Totes and farmer’s market bags are perfect to keep your everyday necessities visible and easily accessible.

5) Be sure to schedule your movers with a good 3 weeks’ notice.

6) Wrap your mugs and plates in clean t-shirts, instead of purchasing bubble wrap (no matter how much fun and tempting it is...). And remember: MAKE SURE YOU LABEL, because that is a box of mugs, NOT random shirts.

7) Purge through your hoarding boxes before you move. You will save so much time and money in boxes that will never actually get unpacked. (I may have discovered two completely unpacked boxes from my last move)

8) Pack your pantry and condiments. They’re inexpensive individually, but replacing all of it will get pricey.

9) Be sure to KEEP OUT at least one roll of paper towels, toilet paper, and as many socks as you can keep handy.