Meet our Team - April!

Meet our Leasing/Marketing manager, April! April was born in Chicago, and raised in Allen, TX. When she’s not in the office, she usually spends her days off with her friends, tackling 3-5 mile trail runs a few days a week, brunch (with mimosas, or it’s just breakfast) and of course binge-watching Shameless. And by binge-watching, she means for about 10 hours straight.

April has two fur babies – Chloe is a 7-yr old Yorkie, and Samson is an 8-month old Eskie-mix. Samson usually accompanies her running the trails, while Chloe would rather Netflix & chill. Absolutely no scary movies, though. April will eat anything spicy, and sushi is a close runner-up to being her favorite type of food. Her favorite drinks? Coffee, and wine, because life is about balance…right?

A few fun facts about April: after she graduated high school, she moved straight to New York City on her own for 3 years. Her favorite genre of music is classic rock, and Def Leppard is by-far her favorite band. She won a pageant at age 3 for jamming out and dancing on stage with her dad to AC/DC. She’s her goofy, bubbly self no matter what. “Being weird is normal, and being normal is definitely weird” would be her motto, and lives by it every day!