Last Minute Madness

T-Minus 10 days. The Holidays are approaching much faster than we all anticipated. Especially for most of us who are wrapped up in ending our year strong at work, the time to shop for our loved ones can slip away from us. Usually this can result in being torn between finding the perfect gift, and finding the time to do so.

We’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of the best ideas we found for loved ones, especially with the time crunch we have going on.

Our favorite is the year subscription to Amazon Prime. Who wouldn’t reap the benefits of discounted items, and free two-day shipping? Not to mention the countless episodes of your favorite TV shows available at your fingertips.

On that note, most of these items on this list can be purchased on Amazon - which makes that two-day shipping come in handy for yourself, too. #NoCrowdsForUs

Being a last-minute Holiday shopper doesn’t need to come with huge price tag, either. Let’s face it, if we were all organized about our Holiday shopping, we probably wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with…

Again - we’ve got you covered.

Perfect timing, too. December 16th is Free Shipping Day. Over 1,000 stores will be participating, so trust us when we say this, Last Minute Shopper: you are not alone!