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Best Black Friday Deals in Fort Worth

Happy Thanksgiving from the new kids on the block, South 400!

After we’ve all stuffed ourselves silly with the turkey, stuffing, and maybe a glass of wine or two, the pressure of "deals" begin to surround us. Black Friday ads are everywhere. Popping up on your social media, every commercial on TV; there is no escaping the shopping craze. Are you feeling overwhelmed, did you run out of time to hunt down the best Black Friday deals? Some of the deals this year are worth the indigestion from eating too fast or the stress of the madhouse crowds. The team at South 400 wanted you to enjoy those extra minutes with the people you love most, so we did some of the footwork for you.

That’s right, we have your back. In fact, we are taking things a step further, and did the footwork for you. Below are a few of our best finds for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

Black Friday 2016 Home and Lifestyle Deals

So far, this was one of our best finds. The Roku 3 is a must-have for your Netflix binges this season. If you’ve had your eye on the Apple Watch, the 1st Series is the way to go for the best deal. The software is fast enough to carry all of the new updates, without the price tag.

Black Friday gaming Deals

Find the best gift for the gamer in your life, (or spoil yourself for a change…we won’t tell!) Sony released brand new versions of the Xbox One and PS4, not to mention dropped the rates of their accessories to match them. This is the perfect time of year to step up your gaming system, or even expand your game collection.

Crowds Not For you? Cyber Monday Might Be.

We get it. The crowds can be a little overwhelming. If Cyber Monday is more your style from the comfort of your home, we’ve got you covered. Amazon is of course notorious with their unreal specials hosted every year. However, we attached a link to the best Cyber Monday deals. That 65” 4K Ultra HD TV will look perfect in your new home.